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Below are some images from the apartment, the village of Praia Da Luz and other West Algarve views.

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Praia da Luz Image Gallery

Luz beach

The beach at Praia da Luz. [Photographer: Andrew Hubbard]

Luz beach viewed from the promenade

The beach viewed from the promenade. [Photographer: Andrew Hubbard]

Luz beach stall

Beach stall on Luz promanade. [Photographer: Andrew Hubbard]

Luz beach from Back Rock

Luz beach viewed from the top of Black Rock. [Photographer: Andrew Hubbard]

Luz promenade

Looking down the promenade towards the village. [Photographer: Andrew Hubbard]

Summer beach activities

Summer beach activities. [Photographer: Andrew Hubbard]

Luz beach looking towards the church

Luz beach, far end looking towards the church. [Photographer: Andrew Hubbard]

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